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Please follow the dress code accordingly. Adult classes this does not apply to you. Each photo below is a representation of how you should look in each class. There are dressing rooms provided for this reason. You do not need these exact styles just similar and in these colours; please wear what you are comfortable in. At Apex Dance Industry we want to teach our students to respect the art of dance. Dress codes in dance look more professional and are part of the long history of dance. Dress codes cut down on distractions in class and helps promote unity. It also helps for marketing purposes for photos and videos. Dance is a discipline and begins with the way a student dresses for class. By dressing the part a student looks like, behaves like and becomes a dancer. A neat and tidy appearance sets an attitude of attentiveness and respect for students, teachers and the art of dance. Teachers must be able to see a dancer’s alignment, lines and positioning from head to toe in order to make the proper corrections when needed. We carry all dress code items at the studio for purchase. If we do not have it in stock we can order it in.  Dress code will be strictly enforced to ensure the most optimal progression of all of our dancers. Failure to follow the dress code is cause for removal from the class. 


Pink Seamed Tights. Holes in tights are not acceptable in class.  Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes.
Black Leotard any style. Hair in slick bun.Warm up clothes are allowed until 2nd barre exercise. 

Jazz/Lyrical/ Contemporary

Black, turquoise, hot pink, lime green or bright orange form fitting leggings or shorts. Black, turquoise, hot pink, lime green or bright orange tank top, t-shirt etc. Beige Jazz shoes Barefoot for lyrical and contemporary.


Hot pink, Turquoise, Orange, Lime Green or black shorts  or tank, or unitard. Leotard with shorts over top works as well. Bare legs or Stir-up Tights and barefoot for safety. Hair in bun, braids, or anything up where it will not prohibit inverting and cause danger. No jewelry, hair ties, or anything metal on clothing such as zippers or buttons. 
For mandatory Acrobatic exams a black leotard, black shorts, and tan stir-up tights are required. 
Untitled design-4.png
Untitled design-5.png


Black, turquoise, hot pink, or bright orange form fitting leggings or shorts or sweatpants. Black, turquoise, hot pink, or bright orange tank top, t-shirt etc.
Beige Jazz shoes for Broadway. No crop tops. 
Black Lace up Tap Shoes.
Indoor runners/sneakers for Hip-hop. 

Tiny Toes

WeeBop/Tumble Tots

Bright orange, turquoise, lime green or pink leotard or unitard for all toddler classes up until age 6. Mandatory rainbow tutu for tiny toes ballet can be purchased at the studio. Pink ballet shoes are to be worn, not slippers to prevent falling. Pink, orange, or blue shorts, leggings, or capris over the leotard for tumble tots and wee-bop. Bare feet for tumble tots and indoor running shoes for wee-bop.


Aerial Silks

Black, Pink, Blue, Lime Green or Orange leggings or capris. No Shorts allowed to prevent fabric burns. No socks are to be worn during this class. Please come with clean feet and hands. A shirt that covers the underarms to protect from fabric burns. Clothing must not have zippers, buttons, studs, rhinestones, sequins, velcro, or ANYTHING sharp that could catch or cut the fabric in anyway. No jewelry is allowed to be worn. Hair is to be back off the face in either braids or a bun. 

All black pants,tights, or shorts. If wearing tights purchase a male dance belt as well. Males can wear an all white, all black, or any of the above colours Hot Pink, Lime Green, Turquoise, or Orange in a t-shirt. Indoor non marking sneakers for hip-hop, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes, or black jazz shoes. 

Presentation & Hygiene 

Out of respect to all personal hygiene (clean body and clean clothing) must be followed. Students should purchase enough dance wear to be able to have a clean outfit each day they are at the studio. Deodorant is mandatory when needed and your dancer may need it younger then you think!. 

When applicable, female dancers should wear appropriate undergarment support under the leotard making sure straps do not show.

Regular underwear are not allowed under tights and leotards beyond Tiny Toes age.  Tights are dancers' underwear and it is beneficial for all dancers to become familiar with this aspect of a dancer's education as early as possible.  There is no show underwear available at justice for children. 

Jeans, jean shorts, or (non-ballet) skirts are not suitable dance attire.


All shoes worn in the dance studio are permitted from being worn outside. Bring shoes to dance in a designated bag and do not wear them outside the studio. 

A well dressed dancer is a well prepared dancer!

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